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AutoPay - Ansi 835 - Electronic Posting of Insurance Payments & EOB

AutoPay® is available to ASPC® users, and it automatically posts payments from a HIPAA-compliant 835 data file. Users have the option of setting personal preferences as to how each type of transaction should be handled on their systems. This allows AS/PC® users to duplicate the same logic for adjustments, payments, credits, etc., that they now have when entering manual payments.

Our customers previously had the capability of downloading ANSI 835 payments data files from their carriers and then posting this data to their payments files from easy-to-view reports created by our software. Now, AS/PC® users have the option of letting the system automatically make the payment entries for them.

The time saving advantages of the AutoPay® program have been apparent immediately in those clinics who have implemented the new program. Data entry and labor costs are significantly reduced. The automatic posting features of AutoPay® typically save several hours of manual data entry, and accomplish this task in less than a minute or two without data entry errors!

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Just a quick note to let you know that ASPC-AutoPay is working great. Not only do we post Medicare EOB's in about 15 seconds, but Medicaid and our local DME carrier have 835 reports that we can now download. As I recently told you, if any offices that have ASPC are not using AutoPay, they must be crazy! I look at it like the NPI numbers now…It should be mandatory. Thanks to 1st Providers Choice for your excellent support.

David L. Kahan, DPM

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