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How to Gain Efficiencies and Maximize Medical Assistant and Physician Productivity with Specialty Specific Patient Portals

Specialty Specific Patient PortalsWith all of the additional documentation requirements of MIPS and MACRA, today’s medical providers are interested in saving clinical documentation time by using specialty specific patient portals. Providers are also finding patient portals useful in that they assist them in engaging and retaining patients, increasing appointment volume, and improving healthcare outcomes.  Patients are also interested in easy access to their medical records, as well as convenient online services like appointment scheduling requests and prescription refills. The question is no longer whether to implement a portal, but which portal to select. EMR software-integrated, specialty-specific patient portals are an especially smart choice that can also help your practice to improve workflows and increase medical staff productivity through several key benefits. Read More

The Final MACRA Rule: What Providers Need to Know

MACRAYou’ve likely started to implement MACRA in your practice, but what are the details of the final rule, and why did it come about? What does it specifically imply for your practice and how can you make sure your EHR software is up to par with new requirements? We’ve uncovered what you really need to know to successfully participate in the program and reap its benefits. Read More

1st Providers Attending Sleep Forum on June 3rd-7th to exhibit Sleep Medicine EMR and Practice Management Software

1st Providers Choice will attend the 2017 Sleep Premier World Forum which will take place from June 3rd until June 7th in Boston, Massachusetts. Sleep 2017 is the 31st annual meeting of the Associated Professional Sleep Societies, and will present the latest research, clinical practices, and integrated strategies for implementing the future of sleep medicine. Our team will be demonstrating how our Sleep EMR, billing, and sleep center management software can streamline your documentation, and meet the distinct EMR, billing, and management needs of Sleep Medicine providers and practices. Read More

Leading ASC EHR, Billing & Management Software Demonstrated Live at ASCA Premier Meeting in Washington DC May 3rd to May 6th

ASCA ConferenceASCA 2017 Premier Annual Meeting this year in Washington, DC at the Gaylord National Resort and Convention Center is expected to be a success for ASCA Members and Facility Owners. Leading Industry professionals will gather for this four-day education event. A unique opportunity to see 1st Providers Choice in Booth # 723 for your preview of Top ASC EHR, Billing and Management Software. Read More

1st Providers Attending Arizona Surgery Center Mix & Mingle on February 17th to Speak About Surgery Center EMR, Billing and Management Software

On February 17th, 1st Providers Choice will attend the Arizona Ambulatory Surgery Center’s Mix & Mingle. Hosted by the Center’s Board of Directors, this event will be attended by both partners and sponsors. Our team will be connecting with attendees about our ambulatory surgery center EMR and management software.

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Sleep Medicine EMR to be Exhibited at American Academy of Sleep Medicine 2017 Sleep Medicine Trends Course

Hilton ResortThe American Academy of Sleep Medicine will be hosting the 2017 Sleep Medicine Trends Course from February 17th through February 19th. Over 400 sleep medicine professionals will be attending this year, and 1st Providers Choice is excited to announce that we will be showcasing our sleep medicine EMR. Read More

Why EMR Software Training is Necessary for a Successful Practice

Doctors Doing EMR Software TrainingThe use of EMR software is not merely an improved method of documenting and sharing patient information, it is a different way in which physicians provide health care. Simply choosing an EMR system is not enough – training and education are essential aspects of smoothly implementing any EMR software into your practice.

In fact, one study showed that intensive technical assistance is vital to improving quality of care through the use of EHR systems. In this study, it was found that physician practices needed at least 9 months of regular training before noting an improvement in quality measures for conditions such as diabetes and breast cancer. In contrast, practices with little to no training showed no improvement in quality measures, even after using the EMR software for up to two years.

Physicians need consistent training and education opportunities in order to provide quality healthcare to patients. But why exactly does EMR software training matter when it comes to running a successful practice?

Value-based Care

Using EMR software in your practice does not guarantee that you’ll meet MACRA requirements. Without proper training, your staff members may not be able to use the software’s features properly in order to maximize its benefits.

For practices participating in the Merit-Based Incentive Payment System (MIPS), meaningful use of EHR technology will account for 25% of their composite performance score. In order to ensure a positive payment adjustment, physicians will need to ensure they meet quality measures for the use of EHR.

Successfully offering value-based care includes offering quality care through the use of EHR software. For example, sharing patient data between multiple providers, the proper use of health information exchange, and increasing patient interaction are ways in which the patient-provider relationship are strengthened, resulting in improved care, through the use of certified EHR technology.

Increase Productivity

Productivity can be impacted for months or even years if proper training is not implemented throughout your practice. The inability to efficiently use your EMR system can make even the most basic administrative process, such as patient check-in, a chore and can waste valuable time that should be spent dedicated to patient care.

Customizing training for different positions improves efficiency and saves staff time that can be allocated on their specific responsibilities. Training employees only on the components they will be using will eliminate confusion, cut down on unnecessary time in training, and will help with information retention.

Increase Revenue

Additionally, correct reporting through EMR software means your billing staff can create error-free superbills – an itemized version of a patient bill that includes diagnosis codes, treatment codes, and the need for follow-up care if necessary. The ability to produce accurate superbills with the correct medical billing codes results in more efficient claims payments and less rejected claims.

Organizing a Training Plan

It’s important to implement a training plan that focuses on the needs of each staff member as well as the needs of the practice as a whole. In order to achieve this, you should work with a company that is dedicated to helping your practice succeed.

At 1st Providers Choice, we tailor a training and implementation program specific to the needs of your practice. Proper training will help develop confidence among users as well as strengthen relationships between patients and physicians. To learn more about how we support our customers in EMR implementation through tailored training, contact us online or call us at 480-782-1116.

1st Providers Choice to Showcase Surgery Center EMR & Practice Management Software at the Winter ASC Meeting From January 12-14 in San Antonio

ASCAThe Ambulatory Surgery Center Association is dedicated to supporting ambulatory surgery facilities in providing high-quality, value-based ambulatory surgical care to all patients served. We at 1st Providers Choice share this mission, and are proud to announce that we will be attending the2017 Winter ASC Meeting from January 12-14 at the Hyatt Regency in San Antonio, TX.

This year’s Winter ASC Meeting in San Antonio will feature three seminars dedicated to the following material: coding and reimbursement, finance and accounting, and regulatory and legal risk. Attendees will have the opportunity to earn Continuing Medical Education (CME) credits when present at either of these seminars.

At the coding and reimbursement seminar, guests will receive expert advice on how to prepare for upcoming billing and coding changes that will take place in 2017. The aim of this seminar is to help ASCs maximize claims reimbursements moving forward. Finance and accounting attendees will learn the fundamentals of managing finance and accounting for ambulatory surgery centers in order to help them maximize net profit. The regulatory and legal risk seminar will focus on helping ASCs comply with continually changing laws and regulations in order to minimize legal risk against the practice.

hyatt-regency-hotel-san-antonio-texas-2During this three-day conference, we will be showcasing our ambulatory surgery center EMR & practice management software. In order to understand and meet the requirements of an ambulatory surgery center EMR, we have conducted tireless research and have worked
with experts in the ambulatory surgery field to create a customized, user-friendly interface that allows for coordinated care between other facilities, physicians, and labs. Our ASC EMR software is also ICD-10 compliant and is certified to meet Meaningful Use stage 2 requirements.

The Hyatt Regency, which is hosting the conference this year, is located on the San Antonio River Walk at 123 Losoya Street. To book a room, call 210-222-1234.  Look for our booth at the Winter ASC Meeting in San Antonio from January 12 to January 14.

Why Specialty-specific EMRs Work Better for Your Practice

Team of Doctors That Have Specialty EMRChoosing an EMR system designed for your specialty will save a tremendous amount of clinical documentation time, and allow you to allocate more time providing quality care to your patients. It’s important to select an EMR software that matches your workflow in order to increase the productivity and efficiency of your practice in addition to increasing revenue.

Specialty-specific EMR systems that are tailored to your needs offer multiple advantages towards running a successful and efficient healthcare practice.  1st Providers Choice is helping physicians to complete their documentation quickly and efficiently, allowing them to get home and enjoy their evening instead of being stuck in the office doing paperwork.  

Save Invaluable Time

General EMR systems are capable of meeting the needs of specialty practices. However, they are typically equipped with additional features, templates, and information that may be totally irrelevant to your practice’s specialty. Although it may be possible to customize a general EMR software system to the specific needs of your practice, it will take your valuable time.

Specialty-specific EMRs come with features that are tailored to the needs of each branch of medicine. For example, a pediatric EMR may come equipped with immunization registries or with a growth chart used to track advancements in height and weight, while a cardiology EMR may focus on medical devices by providing the ability to coordinate with EKG and ECHO equipment. Selecting a specialty-specific EMR that is ready to use from day one can also help you save time on training and initial configuration.

Optimize Workflow

Sifting through unrelated content in order to get to what you need will slow down the process of inputting patient information, and may make your daily routine frustrating.

Specialty-specific EMRs are designed with tailored templates, screens, and forms, enabling you to document patient information in real time. This allows you to more accurately input patient information as well as note important observations while with the patient, leaving less work for the end of the day, and ultimately, streamlining workflow. Additionally, specialty-specific decision support programs assist healthcare providers in making the best possible care decisions for their patients.

Thorough and Extensive Training and Continued Education

Specialty EMR vendors are more likely to provide comprehensive training for software implementation and continued education for the use of their EMR systems. They are also more likely to be invested in the productivity of your practice, as well as how the use of their EMR software is helping you cut costs, increase revenue, and increase the value of care.

Specialty-specific EMR vendors understand that in order to improve the quality and efficacy of their product, they must keep up-to-date with MACRA reporting requirements and offer continued customer support. They achieve this by attending specialty-specific conferences and events and by continuously communicating with their clients and other medical associations.

1st Providers Choice offers specialty-specific EMR software, extensive training for comprehensive system implementation, and continued education to medical practices. To learn how specialty-specific EMR software from 1st Providers Choice can help streamline operations and increase revenue for your practice, contact us online or call us at 480-782-1116.

Signs It’s Time to Change or Update Your EMR

Doctor Using EMR/EHRChoosing the right EMR/EHR software is essential in order to protect the quality of care provided to your patients as well as your practice’s revenue. With new reporting guidelines and payment structures being rolled out constantly by CMS, some EMRs are falling behind certification requirements, while others remain ahead of the game.

If you’ve been feeling wary of your EMR/EHR system, there may be merit to your uneasiness. If you’re experiencing any of the following situations outlined below, it might be time to bid your EHR farewell.

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