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Monthly Archives: November 2014

Four Reasons Your Health Organization Needs Urgent Care EMR Software

According to the American Academy of Urgent Care Medicine, there are over 9,000 urgent care centers in the U.S. and over 20,000 urgent care physicians, and these numbers are growing quickly. Increased efficiency is exceedingly important as more and more patients turn to urgent care for their medical needs. Even so, many organizations have been slow to adopt urgent care EMR software, despite the fact that it offers the speed and precision that could allow them to maintain control of their practice in a rapidly expanding field.

Here are four valuable ways that EMR software can benefit urgent care centers:

1. Software Designed for Your Specialty

Urgent care centers see patients with all types of medical conditions, from minor to acute illnesses. Not all EMR systems are designed to meet urgent care requirements, so it is important to examine your center’s specific needs. It is helpful to choose software that has templates specific to your center’s specialty and that can be customized to match your workflow. Urgent care physicians should also consider EMR systems that allow care plans to be generated automatically for individual patients based on specific information in their health record – for example, a selected diagnosis or condition.

Urgent Care EMR Visit Note

2. Easily Share Information with Affiliated Hospitals

The right urgent care EMR software will be able to meet the unique needs of both independent and hospital-owned urgent care centers. Because it is important to be able to coordinate care between affiliated hospitals and patients’ primary care physicians, you will want to choose an EMR that makes it easy to share patient health records electronically. This will not only streamline communication, but it will help build relationships with other providers and improve patient care.

3. Improve Productivity

Though learning how to use EMR software might slow you down temporarily, these effects will be mitigated in the long-run if you receive comprehensive training from your EMR vendor. Over time, you will find that using an urgent care EMR system will save you time and resources such as those commonly wasted on costly transcription services.

4. Keep Patients Satisfied

Your walk-in patients expect fast and efficient care with short wait times in comparison to Emergency Departments that often keep them waiting several hours. With the right EMR system, urgent care centers can continue to meet high expectations despite the monumental increase in demand. Not only will you able to streamline workflow, you will also be able to use built-in medical voice dictation software to document patient visits more quickly.

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EHR Software to Save Healthcare Industry $78 Billion Over Five Years

EHR software is expected to save the global healthcare industry $78 billion between 2014 and 2019, according to a new report from Juniper Research. The report, Digital Health, Remote Monitoring & EHR Cost Savings 2014-2019, analyzes the effect of digital infrastructure on new healthcare models like accountable care organizations. The accountable care model bases physician payment upon patient health rather than cost of treatments, marking a critical shift in perspective in the medical industry.

The report finds that EHRs will become integral to health care success by connecting stakeholders, devices and medical records. However, it cautions that the healthcare industry will face challenges in two main areas: a lack of randomized controlled mobile health trials and the global healthcare industry’s diverse nature.

Even so, the industry will see positive developments as regulatory officials continue to embrace digital healthcare and impose less stringent regulations on digital healthcare companies. Progress will also be driven by the popularization of technologically advanced user interfaces like Apple’s HealthKit and Samsung’s SAMI, which aim to connect medical information from a variety of personal and clinical devices and cloud-based platforms.

Integration with patient portal systems is also expected increase the value of EHR software in coming years, as patient portals promote patient engagement, which can lead to improved health outcomes. The software also streamlines workflow, increasing productivity and saving valuable time on administrative tasks.

patient portal

Is your healthcare organization currently using an EHR-integrated patient portal? Tell us about your experience!

Converting EMR/PM Data from TRAKnet Podiatry EMR Software

When it comes to Podiatry EMR software, not all systems are created equal. Having a reliable electronic health record solution that is 2014 Edition certified and ICD-10 ready is of the utmost importance for Podiatry Practices looking to attest for Meaningful Use, improve quality of care and increase revenue. Many practices are learning this the hard way, specifically those using TRAKnet Podiatry EMR.

After TRAKnet’s previous owners suddenly went out of business and decided to sell the EMR and Practice Management platform in 2013, users of the software have begun experiencing problems, resulting in more and more podiatry practices seeking an alternative for their EMR and billing needs. 1st Providers Choice is one of the leading Podiatry EMR solutions that physicians are turning to – both for the quality of our EMR/PM system and the dedication of our staff.

Podiatry EMR Visit Note

1st Providers Choice has a data conversion utility set up that makes it easy for our technicians to move EMR and patient data over. We also offer the possibility of converting transactions and patient financial data, something that few vendors offer. Because we have experience performing EMR data conversions from most major EMR systems, we know what files to look for and how to minimize the pain of moving from one system to another.

The different categories of data we can convert include:

  • Patient demographics
  • Patient visit notes
  • The multimedia folder
  • Scans and images
  • Labs and test results
  • Other clinical data
  • Insurance companies
  • Referring doctors
  • Patient schedules

To start the TRAKnet data conversion process, all we need is a backup of your important data files. Our technicians will log in to your system remotely, convert your valuable patient and billing data in real time, and transfer it to the new system. Your data will never leave your facility and your patient data will be completely secure.

If you would like to convert your TRAKnet data to 1st Providers Choice’s highly rated Podiatry EMR software, we can help. Call 480-782-1116 today to get started!

Mental Health EMR Software Gets Behavioral Health Groups on Track

From primary care providers to general surgeons, caregivers throughout the medical industry are reaping the benefits of electronic medical record systems. For behavioral health organizations, especially, the advantages of switching to a mental health EMR software are many. Yet, few EMR vendors have produced a tried-and-true software solution suitable for behavioral health providers. With 1st Providers Choice, psychiatrists, psychologists, professional counselors and other mental health providers have finally found an end-to-end EMR solution that meets their extensive charting needs.

Senior PsychCare (SPC) implemented our mental health EMR and billing modules across its various Texas locations and has achieved improved results in billing and patient care. Their more than 80 mental health providers have benefited from simplified workflows, more efficient documentation, customized reports, and more.

Following are some of the features that SPC’s behavioral health specialists benefit from on a daily basis:

Specialized content and customization

EMR systems designed with mental health providers in mind include features that are most relevant to behavioral health specialists. The systems also allow for a high level of customization in order to meet the specific needs of providers practicing within the mental health field. For SPC, this has included specialty-specific diagnoses and treatment plans, preventative care resources and psychiatric management tools, among others.

Mental Health EMR Patient Visit Note

Real-time data

With mental health-specific EMR software, providers can create reports to conduct analyses of patient progress. All it takes is a few quick mouse clicks to export the data from the EMR

Alerts and reminders

EMR software for mental health facilities allows providers to set up daily, weekly or monthly alerts. This can be useful for following up with suicidal patients or with those taking anti-psychotics with potentially harmful side effects. This has been beneficial, in SPC’s case, for treating patients at Long Term Care facilities, as they need continuous monitoring and follow-up care

Continuity of care

SPC maintains active contact with other physicians regarding changes in their patients’ mental status, diagnostic services, psychological treatments, and medications – and EMR software allows for thorough documentation of these changes. With mental health EMR software, behavioral health specialists at SPC are also able to share visit notes with other providers responsible for their patients’ care.

Learn more about our mental health-specific EMR features. Call 480-782-1116 today to speak with one of our expert EMR consultants or schedule a free demo.

About Senior PsychCare: SPC was founded by physician and specialized psychiatrist Dr. Leo Borrell, a leader in innovative care for stress and age-related problems. SPC is affiliated with Medipsych and Senior Psychological Care of Houston, San Antonio and Dallas, and employs more than 80 mental health providers in facilities throughout these major Texas cities. SPC provides independent evaluations, psychiatric management and mental health services. They also work in collaboration with mental health programs and medical providers who lack the resources of a comprehensive team of medical health specialists.

Three Ways Medical Dictation Software Is Revolutionizing Healthcare

medical dictation softwareIt’s a tough time for healthcare organizations struggling to implement new software without slowing down their practice. The need to compile, edit and transfer notes into a database can be a time-consuming process. The good news is that recent innovations in medical dictation software have made the documentation process faster and more accurate than ever before.

Medical voice recognition software allows physicians to dictate their notes in real-time and review, edit, and share notes instantly. The feature is easy to learn and simple to use, minimizing the learning curve that often hinders physicians as they adapt to new technology.

Medical voice recognition software saves valuable time and fosters a more productive and profitable workplace. In case you weren’t already sold, here are three major benefits of transitioning to medical dictation software.

1. Enormous Cost-Savings

By eliminating data-entry costs, the feature substantially reduces the amount of resources wasted on medical transcription services. Organizations using medical dictation software are saving tens of thousands of dollars on transcription each year. Narrative dictation removes the need for medical documentation specialists to create organized and coherent notes, ensuring significant savings and increased efficiency.

2. Free Up Your Time to Focus on Patients

doctor using medical voice recognition softwareMedical dictation software not only has a nearly instant response time and perfect accuracy, it can even recognize accents from around the world. The feature includes nearly 80 specialty medical vocabularies and allows users to navigate vocally from any window in the database. In other words, you no longer have to waste time clicking between windows, correcting or editing dictation, or adding words to the system. By increasing EMR software functionality, speech-driven navigation gives physicians the time to focus more fully on a higher number of patients.

3. Secure Patient Information

When deciding which EMR software is right for your practice, choose one with medical voice recognition that adheres to HIPAA guidelines to protect patient confidentiality. By committing to improve patient safety, physicians can steer clear of grueling bureaucratic entanglements. Choosing a secure EMR with medical dictation software will increase patient trust, attract more clients, and ultimately improve the doctor-patient relationship.

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