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Monthly Archives: May 2017

Improve Accuracy and Efficiency With How You Copy Information Into Your EMR

EMR InformationAccording to a key study published in the Journal of General Internal Medicine, 90% of physicians used the copy-paste function to create progress notes. Of these doctors, 72% copy-pasted notes from previous patient visits and 81% copy-pasted notes made by other physicians. Read More

How to Gain Efficiencies and Maximize Medical Assistant and Physician Productivity with Specialty Specific Patient Portals

Specialty Specific Patient PortalsWith all of the additional documentation requirements of MIPS and MACRA, today’s medical providers are interested in saving clinical documentation time by using specialty specific patient portals. Providers are also finding patient portals useful in that they assist them in engaging and retaining patients, increasing appointment volume, and improving healthcare outcomes.  Patients are also interested in easy access to their medical records, as well as convenient online services like appointment scheduling requests and prescription refills. The question is no longer whether to implement a portal, but which portal to select. EMR software-integrated, specialty-specific patient portals are an especially smart choice that can also help your practice to improve workflows and increase medical staff productivity through several key benefits. Read More

The Final MACRA Rule: What Providers Need to Know

MACRAYou’ve likely started to implement MACRA in your practice, but what are the details of the final rule, and why did it come about? What does it specifically imply for your practice and how can you make sure your EHR software is up to par with new requirements? We’ve uncovered what you really need to know to successfully participate in the program and reap its benefits. Read More