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Our Philosophy

Each of our products is specially designed as an integrated software solution that streamlines the day-to-day operations of a busy practice and reduces documentation and paperwork. Built upon a software architecture that is robust and easy to use, each solution is designed with the help of practitioners and other experts. Flexibility and speed-of-entry are the hallmarks of all our software.

Our software systems have been designed according to the following guidelines:

All providers should be encouraged to replace paper billing with direct electronic submissions. While we still support paper billing, including many state specific forms, our corporate mandate is to encourage all providers who use our software to move into the world of electronic billing.

Our software supports the following electronic billing options: Direct to Medicare via the ANSI Standard 837 format. Direct to any carrier allowing and accepting NSF or Standard 837 direct submissions. Claims go directly to insurance carrier at no-charge per claim. It's FREE!

We specifically avoided using UNIX and other less popular operating environments in order to provide our users with a user friendly platform that supports literally thousands of off the shelf software packages from third-party vendors all over the world. Our systems run under all Windows operating systems including Windows 2000, Windows XP and Windows 2003 server. Our software is Windows® Vista® compatible although we do not recommended a customer move to a new operating system until Microsoft® releases the 1st service pack. (SP1)

Clinics must be provided with a single source billing solution. We can offer a comprehensive billing, scheduling and EMR solution through our own programs or from our affiliates.

All data is stored in industry standard dBase format files. Thus, each clinic's data can be easily imported, exported, or accessed by a vast variety of third-party software systems such as those available from Microsoft, Lotus, IBM, and others.